Cancun – Punta Gorda

Ah, Cancun. You haven’t changed. Brash and touristy, but a great gateway into Central America. I was glad to have brushed up on my Spanish before I left so could explain to the barely English speaking Customs officer that I was just passing through on my way south.

Backpack collected then off to try find the alleged night bus to Belize City. Shuttle to Centro where promised bus departed from, only to find it was full. Debated options and decided to take overnight bus to Chetumal on Mexican border, then local bus down to Belize City. Group of three US girls were in the same predicament, but with little experience nor local knowledge so I took them under my wing.

Tickets purchased and an hour to kill. Whilst the girls focussed on freshening up, I headed to the nearest bar. Though it appeared to be quite sturdy, thought it best to just prop it up anyways. Dos Dos Equinos were just the ticket to welcome me back to Mexico.

I warned the girls that Mexican bus air conditioners had thermostats set to temperatures optimum for storing cadavers, however, this bus didn’t seem to get the memo and quite the reverse was the experience. That, along with every light the bus had power to blasting on whenever it made one of its numerous stops, made for a somewhat unpleasant trip which unfortunately was not punctuated by much in the way of sleep.

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