Roatan – La Ceiba 

All I had to do this morning was get up, have breakfast and check out of the hostel. Oh, and also cash up! Of course that wasn’t going to be straight forward… The ATM at the service station next to the hostel did a dodgy, so I decided to go have breakfast same place as yesterday where they had awesome bacon and egg sandwiches and proper coffee! Whilst there, I asked the owner, Vincent, where a reliable ATM would be. He reckoned they were all dodgy and that it would be best to go into Coxen Hole to one of the banks. Bugger! By now it was nearly 10 am and I didn’t have a lot of time up my sleeve.  
I managed to negotiate a bargain basement taxi fare into town, but had to pay double to get back. As I was short on time and the driver took me straight to the ATM and waited, I was prepared to pay. Back at the hostel, I grabbed my pack, paid the bill and bid adios to West End.

The trip back across to the mainland was much calmer so less vomit action by the punters which was pleasant. At the dock on the other side, I bumped into the two German girls I had crossed over with. It turned out we were heading for the same hostel, so we shared a taxi there.

When we got to the hostel, there was no one there. The taxi driver kindly rang for us and we found out the owner would be at least another half an hour. The girls had a craving for Pizza Hut, so I went with them for a meal while we were waiting. When we returned, the owner, Jorge, was back with his two sons. An energetic and most affable hombre, Jorge sorted us out with accommodation. I also booked to go rafting with him the following morning. A quiet night trying once again to get iPad update to download…

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